the training room

fun, excitement, laughter, sadness, tears, rants and life’s learnings.

the grand opening

finally the day that we were expecting and preparing for has come.  today is the start of the 5 months intensive training for our new batch of trainees… we have a total of 17 fresh and young minds ready for the incubation process plus 2 external trainees who would like to taste the sweet bitter experience of our infamous but totally effective training strategies…morning was scheduled for an orientation from 8 am until 12 noon… all agenda has been lined up and are ready for execution… then time to have a headcount.. damn.. there were trainees who were late on their first day… this is a bad omen… and the worst thing was trainee L was late for almost an hour… and she even personally told/asked me last saturday that if it is ok to be in the office at 7 AM.. and i said “sure! why not, but it’s too early..” and she answered “its ok”.. and what’s ironic was i did not even saw her shadow at 7 AM… but we started on time whether or not she will come..and there is no time to waste.. and finally everthing were settled… trainee L arrived … and all went well until the formal opening ceremony in the afternoon…what was so good and challenging during the afternoon’s event was all managers were  trying to hit us trainers in front of the senior management and trainees… that was so good of them…well i just smiled and  try to swallow their amazing request and expectations… what makes the ceremony interesting and fun were the mottos of earch trainees …eheheheh  you won’t know it you will praise them for a good motto or you just wont believe what they were saying…and snacks came after our VP formally close the ceremony… we had pasta carobar and pizza…the food were great and two of manager were amazed with it…my boss quick ate his food and off he go to Cebu..then i had a little chat with some 4 trainees who was not able to do and study their assignments… as a summary it was a good grand opening…


the fun begins

today was the first actual training day for the fresh innocent trainees… guess i was the first to report among the members of the training center… so i check their attendance… and it was ok coz it was still early.. then i had my breakfast.. and when i return i ask my admin assisstant if all trainees were in… and she checked the list and two were still not in the training room… and ask her who were those two offenders… it was a girl and a guy… it was the first time to be later for the girl.. but for the guy… damn! it was again trainee MR! i just don’t know what’s he was thinking.. i even remind them to be early and yet he was still late and today he was late for almost an hour…tsk tsk tsk.. bad trainee bad… guess i had to start straigthening him up…this calls for  a serious talk… later this noon my co trainer Ms. MM  was feeling  bad so she had to go home and take some rest… thus i took over the class in the afternoon… it was fun and good.. again i had sat before the trainees having a small talk and giving them insights while they were taking exams… ehehehehehe well today was quite exhausting for the trainees and for me too… but in the end it was fun and lots of learnings..

preparation day 3

not much on this day… Ms. M finished her arrangements, set-up the PCs and install the necessary softwares… she ask the help of our tech support team, who willingly spare some of their time spending it inside the training room… cable runnings and connections were fixed… as for me i was able to talk to some managers whom i needed some help with regards to the training… am glad that 4 of them were so helpful and had entertain me in good terms…tomorrow is a tiry day for us… it is the start of our team’s two days meeting… well we got a big problem with the training and we need to fix it ASAP of else the management might kick our asses out of the company… training matters will be tackle in details just to solve the problem… damn! i had to pick-up Ms. L at the airport at 6 AM! it’s still sleeping time for me… got no choice i had to fetch her or else she might get lost in the big city…

preparation day 2

today was a very pressured and busy day for us. pressured because our boss is in the office. whenever he is around the atmoshphere seems so heavy… that their is always this fear in the air… well anyway it doesn’t matter with me… i had prepared five documents for his review and signatories… all pertains to the opening of the training… knowing that he will be out of the country by nextweek… i prioritized all urgent matters that needs his attention… i got 3 approvals and 3 pending items but it just need a little modification and it’s perfect… on the other hand Ms. M is preparing the Training Room… she started with a layout of the tables, chairs, lockers and cabinets… and it was quite ok…

preparation day 1

today is the first day of preparation for the next batch of training… it was last friday that the previous training concluded… now we have two weeks to get things done before the training start…  all in all we have a total of 17 in-house trainees and 5 external ones… we have all their profiles… arranged their place of stay and constantly contacting them…. this morning me and my staff had a 30 minutes meeting, talking about the preparation especially the opening ceremony and the training room… ahh.. the training room, the battle ground of great wars… the witness of all hardships, sufferings, pain and tears… and at some time a place of comfort, safety and fulfillness… a place where learnings are born, a place to commune with others, a place to share and build relationships… a place where your dreams can come true…

the training room

welcome to the training room!

here i will be blogging the great adventures of the trainees life’s ups and downs during their 5 months intensive training. in the training room they will be experiencing excitement, success, failure, pain, sadness, happiness and love. they will be also gaining a lot of learning especially on information technology, specifically programming. camaraderie and friendship will also flourish. how?

i’ll tell you all about it here, so stay tuned with this blog and visit often as i unfold life’s mysteries.

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